Kelly’s Mission


Kelly (KJ) Thurgood loves photographing everything wild!  KJ’s bio provides you with some of the history behind his avid love of wildlife. However, the goal of KJ Thurgood Online goes beyond photo, bronze and calendar sales. The goal of our work is to contribute to preserving our wild heritage. We hope to intrigue, inspire and motive our viewers & subscribers to love all things wild. We also hope to educate the public (through unmatchable detail) the beauty that exists in our world. It’s our hope that helping the public to learn to identify specific wildlife species and locations they will become motivated to do something to help conserve wild habitat and ultimately extend and preserve the life of wild birds & animals throughout the world. We hope that by sharing KJ Thurgood photographs and pieces of art we will inspire many to gain a greater respect and love for all things wild.

God Bless and enjoy!

As a community, we can make a difference!

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