Print Guarantee


Each ordered print is personally printed by Kelly. Therefore, Kelly personally handles and inspects each and every print to ensure they printed correctly and that you are getting the best possible print!

The size selected is the actual size of the image you will be receiving. All prints will be signed by “KJ Thurgood” in the lower right-hand corner. The list price pays for the print only. Shipping will be added at a nominal cost to you. KJ Thurgood prints will arrive unframed. KJ Thurgood Online does not offer framing.

KJ Thurgood fine art prints are guaranteed not to fade. If a print does fade, you can return the faded print at your expense and a new print will be sent at no charge. This offer is extended only if your print is deemed to have faded, rather than some other cause(s). If your print has been damaged by some other cause(s), the print will be returned at the customer’s expense. KJ Thurgood Online does not pay for re-framing of replaced prints.

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