Oct 072013

Eight or nine years ago, I started a carving (Yes, this is a carving!) that my youngest daughter had chosen as a piece that she would inherit when I was dead and gone.  She gets the original carving, after I get the opportunity to cast thirty limited edition bronzes.  This carving has taken over nine hundred hours (off and on) throughout those years.  This piece started out to be just a barn owl, but then came the  hayloft timber that the owl would be perched on.  The timber was fine but did not look complete.  I added, or should I say, I carved a bolt with a hook attached to the timber.  My wife’s father had an old pulley with a rope  for hoisting hay up into the barn loft.  I used it as a model to carve the pulley and rope.  I had never carved a rope before, what a task that was.  At that point, I thought it was complete after all the time I had put in over the years; however, it was missing something.  The mouse was the last addition to……..  “Just hangin’ out in the barn”.




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