Nov 042013


Rarely, do you find an animal or bird who will totally let you into their world. This little Burrowing Owl did just that.  I was hoping to get a few good pictures before it dove down into the burrow.  Little did I know that my wife and I would give him our total attention for over two hours.

right lookstraight onleft look

It was as if he was preforming for us.


He became one of my all-time favorites.




Oct 072013

Eight or nine years ago, I started a carving (Yes, this is a carving!) that my youngest daughter had chosen as a piece that she would inherit when I was dead and gone.  She gets the original carving, after I get the opportunity to cast thirty limited edition bronzes.  This carving has taken over nine hundred hours (off and on) throughout those years.  This piece started out to be just a barn owl, but then came the  hayloft timber that the owl would be perched on.  The timber was fine but did not look complete.  I added, or should I say, I carved a bolt with a hook attached to the timber.  My wife’s father had an old pulley with a rope  for hoisting hay up into the barn loft.  I used it as a model to carve the pulley and rope.  I had never carved a rope before, what a task that was.  At that point, I thought it was complete after all the time I had put in over the years; however, it was missing something.  The mouse was the last addition to……..  “Just hangin’ out in the barn”.




Call to reserve (801) 369-2481, or purchase, your limited edition(30) bronze. 

A day with the sheep

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Sep 232013

My wife and I had been looking for bighorn sheep for the last two hours.  Finding sheep at mid-day among the rocks and boulders can be a little exasperating.  Especially when they are somewhat the same color.  We had spotted a lone ram high on the boulder strewn slope, but that was about it.  Usually there are about twenty five rams in this bachelor band but not today.  I was losing light fast, the sun dropping behind the mountain.  At about 7:00 pm as he stood up to stretch, rams started materializing out of the shadows.

8-24-13kt2 688

The movement of the sheep had alerted the locals……    It’s not often you get two species to pose in the sane photo.

8-24-13kt2 781

Suddenly, the  sheep were on the move, flowing down the slope.  Maybe they’re thirsty.

8-24-13kt2 927 8-24-13kt2 944

Who knew bighorn sheep had black tongues?

8-24-13kt1 635

Two candidates for this season’s  “The Bighorn Bachelor” show.

8-24-13kt1 451 8-24-13kt2 1152


Weekend of the Flood

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Sep 152013

Last weekend my wife and I  decided to travel to southern Utah to visit our grandson on his birthday.  After a good visit we headed for the Lytle ranch in southwest Utah to see if we could find some avian subjects to satisfy my urge to push the button.  We arrived at the ranch only to find just a few birds around.  We opted for the Black Crowned Night Herron at the first pond.  I got some good shots of his bright red eyes.

6-1-13kt1 1070

We hadn’t been there long when we discovered the thunderheads were moving quickly toward us.  We high-tailed it back to the car to see if we could beat the rain and be able to cross the washes back to the main road, fifteen miles away.  We made it before the flood waters had destroyed our path out.  We headed for St. George but had to stop once again for my itchy finger.

9-8-13kt1 394

The next day we went through Zion’s park, only to be rained out for the morning.  We headed north to a small town called Alton to see what critters we could find.  The Red Shafted Flicker was the best bird of the day.

9-8-13kt1 8989-8-13kt1 891


Shots of a lifetime

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Sep 012013

In over thirty years of pushing the shutter button, I have found that getting everything just right: the light and the subject; plus, being in the right place at the right time and having the subjects co-operate is something that seldom happens for that once-in-a-lifetime-shot. I was watching a coyote “mousing”, just getting ready to take the shot when a streak of grey flashed through the viewfinder. I raised my head up from the camera to see a Northern Harrier hovering above the coyote. I took the shot…and another…and another.

disc#9386-24-12 25715x7

The coyote had found the harrier’s nest.

disc#9386-24-12 24915x7

The bird would not leave him alone.

disc#9386-24-12 09515x7

For the next ten minutes the battle was on.

disc#9386-24-12 28615x7

There were no clear winners in this life and death struggle.

disc#9386-24-12 1941

The bird lost nestlings, the coyote lost blood, I alone gained. What a show!


1st Place Prize – Five Ross’s and One Snow Goose by KJ Thurgood

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Mar 212010

Kelly recently received 1st place from the Monte L. Bean Museum’s Photography Show with his Five Ross’s and One Snow Goose photo below. Congratulations K.J.!


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