Shots of a lifetime

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Sep 012013

In over thirty years of pushing the shutter button, I have found that getting everything just right: the light and the subject; plus, being in the right place at the right time and having the subjects co-operate is something that seldom happens for that once-in-a-lifetime-shot. I was watching a coyote “mousing”, just getting ready to take the shot when a streak of grey flashed through the viewfinder. I raised my head up from the camera to see a Northern Harrier hovering above the coyote. I took the shot…and another…and another.

disc#9386-24-12 25715x7

The coyote had found the harrier’s nest.

disc#9386-24-12 24915x7

The bird would not leave him alone.

disc#9386-24-12 09515x7

For the next ten minutes the battle was on.

disc#9386-24-12 28615x7

There were no clear winners in this life and death struggle.

disc#9386-24-12 1941

The bird lost nestlings, the coyote lost blood, I alone gained. What a show!


Went back for more

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Aug 252013

Went back for more but the conditions had changed.  Now some really big Hummers were in the stinkweed patch.8-24-13kt2 035

Hummers in the Stinkweeds

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Aug 252013

You don’t find many days that everything goes right .  The weather  was perfect with plenty of light to provide with the shutter speeds I needed.  The table was set, the Stinkweeds were in bloom!  ( Alias…  the Rocky Mountain Bee plant…  a natural Rufous Hummingbird magnet.)  I managed to catch a few ” Jewels-in -Flight.”

8-5-13kt1 653 8-10-13kt1 596 8-10-13kt1 1079

Like My Pants? Burrowing Owl by KJ Thurgood

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Aug 242013



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Burrowing Owl by KJ Thurgood

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