Jan 182010

It is a brand new year and at KJ Thurgood Online we are excited about all the wonderful possibilities this new year will bring.

One of our New Year resolutions is to post over 200 of KJ’s finest photos from years past by mid March, we will keep you advised of those posts through our weekly Wild News Newsletter. The newsletter will be sent out each week and will highlight bronzes, photos, stories, activities and upcoming events.

Also, we wanted to make you aware that Kelly will be carving and bronzing a series of bird flasks (urns) much like this Bittern flask.

These pictures in particular are actual carvings for the Bittern and not the finished bronze piece. We will post these flasks as they are available. All bird flasks will have removable bronze heads.

With the new year, we hope you will pick up Kelly’s newest Calendar for 2010, entitled “OWLS“.

We look forward to a new year! Thanks for all you do to support, follow and enjoy KJ Thurgood! Have a wonderful year!

Scott Gutke
KJ Thurgood Online