Sep 232013

My wife and I had been looking for bighorn sheep for the last two hours.  Finding sheep at mid-day among the rocks and boulders can be a little exasperating.  Especially when they are somewhat the same color.  We had spotted a lone ram high on the boulder strewn slope, but that was about it.  Usually there are about twenty five rams in this bachelor band but not today.  I was losing light fast, the sun dropping behind the mountain.  At about 7:00 pm as he stood up to stretch, rams started materializing out of the shadows.

8-24-13kt2 688

The movement of the sheep had alerted the locals……    It’s not often you get two species to pose in the sane photo.

8-24-13kt2 781

Suddenly, the  sheep were on the move, flowing down the slope.  Maybe they’re thirsty.

8-24-13kt2 927 8-24-13kt2 944

Who knew bighorn sheep had black tongues?

8-24-13kt1 635

Two candidates for this season’s  “The Bighorn Bachelor” show.

8-24-13kt1 451 8-24-13kt2 1152


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