Weekend of the Flood

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Sep 152013

Last weekend my wife and I  decided to travel to southern Utah to visit our grandson on his birthday.  After a good visit we headed for the Lytle ranch in southwest Utah to see if we could find some avian subjects to satisfy my urge to push the button.  We arrived at the ranch only to find just a few birds around.  We opted for the Black Crowned Night Herron at the first pond.  I got some good shots of his bright red eyes.

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We hadn’t been there long when we discovered the thunderheads were moving quickly toward us.  We high-tailed it back to the car to see if we could beat the rain and be able to cross the washes back to the main road, fifteen miles away.  We made it before the flood waters had destroyed our path out.  We headed for St. George but had to stop once again for my itchy finger.

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The next day we went through Zion’s park, only to be rained out for the morning.  We headed north to a small town called Alton to see what critters we could find.  The Red Shafted Flicker was the best bird of the day.

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